Greg Smith Canine Consulting

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Greg Smith Canine Consulting

Call to get $25 off an observation & evaluation today!


Top Dog Trainer Greg Smith in Pittsburgh, PA

Who are Greg Smith Canine Consulting? 


Picture-270We are a group that wants to educate and help people learn to cope and live with their dogs in their world.


We have been saving and rescuing dogs from unhappy endings including euthanization, improper handling, or surrendering your pet to humane societies or even people you don’t know as a result of an individual lack of knowledge.


We’re serious about this, and this is exactly what we have been doing as a company for years. Using our over 30 years of experience, we help pets keep their existing home through training, teaching, and assisting owners in the most productive and efficient ways. And, when necessary, we are able to assist compassionate owners in finding more appropriate homes for their pets.


Greg was a lead trainer and instructor at 3 canine colleges in the United States. Here he trained others to be dog trainers from Alaska and throughout the United States, Syria, Sri Lanka, Jordan, throughout Europe including Germany, and Australia. He has also worked with local law enforcement, state police across the U.S., the F.B.I., U.S. Customs officers, D.E.A. agents, Sheriffs’ offices, and D.C.N.R. He has been privileged to assist with numerous drug busts, felony apprehensions, rescue of lost persons, searching and guarding disaster areas ravaged by hurricanes, tornados, and building collapse. Gregory is also well versed in Schutzhund and A.K.C. competition. At this time, our passion and focus remains centered in pet care and training

Our company was created with primary goal being to help people to understand their pets!
We are here…

  • To help people live with their dogs in harmony in their home environment---NOT a show ring or competition.
  • To help teach and train your pet to conform to your specific lifestyle.
  • To avoid roadblocks to your pet’s training such as aggression, high energy, lack of control, and an unhappy pet.
  • To reign in and direct your pet’s high energy, hyperactive, and possibly disruptive excitement.
  • To help manage the puppy that turns into a guard dog/police dog.
  • To help you deal with that pet you almost wish you wouldn’t have gotten.
  • To decode the riddle of raising 2 puppies at once.
  • To teach you how to control and modify yourself and your reactions to promote an understanding relationship between you and your pet.
  • To shed light on the good and not-so-good realities of pet ownership.
  • To educate you on how to navigate the internet, books, and television while knowing how to differentiate what is truth and what is not in regards to your pet.
  • To explain when and why group training classes are helpful and where to locate yours locally.

We are here to help you live your life while enjoying your pet!

  • Eat dinner and watch T.V. without persistent pet distractions.
  • Keep your children safe.
  • Manage confrontations between dogs.
  • Understanding and working with your growly dog.
  • Take a peaceful walk with your dog.
  • Teaching your dog to use a ramp.
  • What you need to know about car sickness and your pet.
  • Have friends and family visit and enjoy your pet instead of never coming back!

Picture-101We are here to help with ALL of these questions and problems you may have or if you just want to do it right the 1st time!


We truly are passionate about helping you AND your pet! This is what Gregory has based his entire life on…helping others. This shows in his experience and hundreds of organizations he has worked with including children’s asthma camp, humane societies, girl scouts, search & rescue, camp CARES and many more! This combines perfectly with his personal experience in law enforcement and as a paramedic/firefighter! Our private pet lodging facility scores high on all state inspections.

We are here to help you -

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