Greg Smith Canine Consulting

Call to get $25 off an observation & evaluation today!


Greg Smith Canine Consulting

Call to get $25 off an observation & evaluation today!


Dog Kennel Pittsburgh, PA

Dog Kennel Services with a Special Touch



Welcome to a Kennel that Ensures 5-Star Comfort!

…For pets who don’t get treated like animals

Your pets deserve the best, and that is exactly what we provide in our dog kennel facility. As an animal behaviorist, Greg knows how difficult time away from you can be for your pet. He is highly skilled in minimizing or eliminating the anxiety your pet would traditionally experience by providing individualized care and attention to specifically meet your pets’ needs. In no time, your pet is at home and enjoying all that we have to offer.

In addition to our extensive pet lodging and boarding services, we also offer training services by a world-renowned animal behaviorist. Services range from in-home animal behavior evaluations to individualized training in the privacy of your own home, to comprehensive in-kennel training packages specifically to meet the needs of your family and pet.


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Are you aware that in our kennel your pets are treated with the same attention, care, and respect as our own pets? Your pets are part of our family, and deserve to be in a home environment

During their stay with us, we cater to your dog’s every need. The remainder of their day is filled with inside and outside playtime, and individualized meals and treats. Who could ask for more? Don’t worry-if they do ask for anything more, we bring it to them on a silver platter!




Our pet boarding is not strictly limited to the dogs. We provide cozy accommodations for our feline friends as well. They also are treated to individualized meals and treats, playtime, and plenty of tender loving care.




Enjoy the convenience and luxury of having professional training services provided to your pet during their saty at our dog kennel. We invite you to include training by the area’s leading animal behaviorist, Greg Smith, in your pet’s stay. The results are always beyond your expectations. Your pet will be happier seeing your pleasure with their new behaviors, and knowing they are meeting your expectations. Call us today to set up a personalized lesson plan!


Facility highlights


As a pet lodging and boarding facility, licensed by the State of Pennsylvania, we adhere to the strictest standards of hygiene and safety. All areas of the kennel are kept at a high standard to ensure your pet’s continued health and well-being. All pets lodging in our facility are thoroughly screened by an Animal Behaviorist to ensure compatibility in their room selection, their neighbor selection, and during their playtime with the other guests.


Special Needs Pets


We are pleased to inform you that our kennel is open all pets, including those with special needs. We can handle any level of behavior issues including aggression and medical needs that your pet may have with professionalism, compassion, and skill. 


PET LODGING & SPA - Membership Only

For Pets Who Aren’t Treated Like Animals

Owned and Operated by Gregory Smith, Master Trainer and Canine Behaviorist with 30 years experience.

Let your pets experience the difference of pampering of a home environment with professionals while you are away.

  • Individualized Meals
  • Socialization With Other People
  • Socialization With Other Animals
  • Inside And Outside Playtime in Open Areas, Walks
  • Climate – Controlled Home Setting
  • TLC From Trained And Caring Staff
  • All Pets Accepted Regardless Of Medical Or Behavioral Issues
  • Pick Up And Drop Off Available At Your Home For a Nominal Fee
  • Your Pet will have 24 hour indoor/outdoor access in their own pet lodging area. All lodging areas are 150 square feet or larger.
  • No small cages are used in our dog kennel unless instructed by owner.


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