Greg Smith Canine Consulting

Call to get $25 off an observation & evaluation today!


Greg Smith Canine Consulting

Call to get $25 off an observation & evaluation today!


Obedience Dog Training, Comfort Lodging & Safe Pat Transportation in Pittsburgh, PA

We have solutions to your complicated pet problems!


Does your pet exhibit aggression?

  • Toward other animals?
  • Toward you, your family, and/or strangers?
  • Possessive regarding their food and/or treats?
  • When someone touches something your pet feels “belongs” to them?
  • Territorial of their space, bed, crate, your car or your yard?
  • Excessively dominant?
  • Fearful from an unknown past or a known history of abuse/neglect? 

 Do you have a pet that is…

  • Hyper
  • High energy
  • Has been prescribed
    • Anti-depressants?
    • Anti-anxiety medications?

Wouldn’t you rather HELP your pet with proper behavioral conditioning to be a happy, healthy and loving companion, instead of medicating them and hoping for a better pet.




  • Professional Evaluation & Observation IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME!

    • For severe behavioral problems: Evaluation & Observation-Initial observation of your pet in the privacy of your own home, discussion of your pet’s current behavioral issues, and an explanation of services provided with recommendations from a behaviorist for optimal results.
    • For general obedience needs: Evaluation & 1st training-Initial observation of your pet in the privacy of your own home, discussion of your current goals and concerns, and an explanation of services provided with recommendations from a behaviorist for optimal results and a complete in-home training session with a behaviorist to jump start the training process from the very 1st appointment! This appointment can also be modified to be a Puppy Basics course for your newest family member!
  • Private training, one on one, IN YOUR HOME!

    • Individualized dog training, instruction, and behavior modification services provided by a canine behaviorist/master trainer with over 30 years of experience with over 35,000 pets. Evaluation of your pet’s progress will be provided on an on-going basis to meet yours & your pet’s specific needs. Education is provided in the privacy, convenience, and luxury of your own home! This style of being the apprentice of your own dog’s behavior and training will give you the tools to manage your companion’s behavior instead of fighting with them for control. We go where you go so you can be confident to have consistent management in different environments, not just in your home but everywhere you go !
  • Exceptional training & behavior modification completed FOR YOU by our compassionate & accomplished staff!



Picture-269We can train your friend for you… with your assistance OR without! 

    • Various packages available depending on the needs of both you AND your pet. All packages are geared toward pet quality training and obedience.
    • We do not routinely train pet owner’s in the police/military styles, competition style or show style training. We train in many styles depending on anxiety, aggression, submission, hyperactivity, dominance, and histories of abuse. These styles are available in personalized packages at the discretion of the behaviorist.
    • We train your pet to be an obedient off-leash companion and family member. You are educated on what it is to have and handle such a valuable and precious gift.
    • We work with you IN YOUR HOME ENVIRONMENT while you learn the direct application of your new found knowledge & skills
    • When pets are trained by us, you know all their behavior issues will be addressed…not just the most apparent ones!

Join the experts; stop fighting your pet, stop losing sleep, go on that vacation you’ve been unable to plan…


RELAX - You now have a FRIEND to help you with your cherished family member!


We don’t expect you or your pet to have the same needs/wants as the rest of our clients! We are here to serve you individually!

*Full behaviorist recommendation will be provided in each evaluation for the most efficient, & cost-effective training approach to best meet your preferences & your pet’s needs. 


---Private, Members ONLY, Pet Lodging Services---


Current and previous clients can truly relax knowing their furry family members are pampered! Unlike our competitors, we don’t discriminate against ANY of our behaviorally challenged friends! This includes:

  • Hard to handle pets
  • Aggressive pets
  • Heavily medicated pets
  • Anxious pets

We have the experience to accept ALL pets, regardless of their challenges medically or behaviorally. We have seen it all before, and we’re sure we’ll see it again.


Don’t risk creating new or worsening behavior issues with less experienced care!


By keeping our facilities “members-only” you can know that your pet will have a drastically reduced risk of parasites and viruses,
no risk of being play group that is too large or dangerous or undersupervised, & gentle, behavioral management of any separation anxiety that may occur.

Membership is obtained in 2 ways. We offer complimentary membership services to our current and former training clients. If, however, we have not had the pleasure of working with you or your pet, for a nominal fee you can schedule an introductory meeting to establish membership.



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