Greg Smith Canine Consulting

Greg Smith Canine Consulting

Obedience Training Pittsburgh

Experienced, Professional Dog Obedience Training;


dog-obedience-pittsburghWith Greg Smith Canine Consulting, servicing the Pittsburgh, PA area, you will receive professional, specialized dog obedience training that has a happy ending. Your beloved pet’s behavioral issues can be a variety of problems rolled into one, or simply an unrecognized issue that leads to the results you experience. No matter what the cause(s) of your dog’s behavioral issues are; our team works with you personally to get your pet where they need to be! You will get the results you need and deserve with our love for pets and over 30 years of experience.


Dog Obedience Training will provide you with:

  • Pet behavioral evaluations
  • Extensive, customized dog training sessions
  • Professional, positive dog training while keeping your pet’s spirits up
  • Personal guidance and training on obtaining obedience from your pet
  • Decreased anxiety and frustration for both you and your pet
  • The confidence to reach success

No matter how big or small the problems are with your pet, those issues will be resolved and you will have peace of mind. Do you have infrequent or random obedience issues with your family dog(s)? We handle that too! With extensive experience on working with dogs, Greg Smith Canine Consulting will ensure success for both you and your pet! You and your pet will be treated like family!


Providing a complete approach to obedience training for your pet


Greg Smith Canine Consulting not only provides you dog obedience training, but also provides personalized dog behavioral training, along with boarding and kennel services--if you need them. You will appreciate us taking the time needed to evaluate your pet’s behavior. You also will benefit from our training capabilities from any location, including your home, our facility, a local kennel, or anywhere else. If you need more than just dog obedience training, look no further. You have several options available and your needs will be met, as well as your pet’s needs. Give us a call to get started and let’s develop a plan of action.


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